HR Solutions

HR Audit & Governance

Clearly Identify HR Gaps to Optimize Resources and Prioritize Your Actions
Experienced HR professionals will dive into your policies and processes, scan gaps within people operations, business processes and corporate governance requirements.
Take a free survey to understand the gaps in your HR processes and identify your current priorities.
What will you get?

✓ Detailed audit of your HR policies and process.
✓ A policy manual containing governance-related policies.
✓ Business Process Map
✓ Action Prioritization Matrix

HR Compliant Policies

Communicate Clear and Consistent messaging and Accountability Across Your Businesses
Greater Change will provide you policies that will comply with your local labor laws and industry best practices, along with periodic updates for specific local policies that need attention!
Take a free survey to get a list of must-have, business-critical HR policies.
What will you get?

A comprehensive set of Policies including.

✓ Compliance and Governance
✓ Talent Acquisition
✓ Performance management
✓ Health and safety
✓ Termination of contract
✓ HR Operational policies

Employee Onboarding

Successfully Onboard New Hires with law aligned Employment Contracts and Manuals.
Set your new employee on the path to success. Make sure they start right. We will work with you to develop standardize practices that guide your employees and protect your business. Our experienced HR specialists will guide you plan for onboarding new employees.
Take a free survey to understand your current process and find out what can uplift your onboarding game to next level.
What will you get?

✓ An employment contract that is compliant with the law and international best practices.
✓ Employee onboarding checklist customised for your company.
✓ A fully customised company employee handbook
✓ A bespoke employee onboarding survey.
✓ Employee Probation assessment assistance.
✓ 30-60-90 day plan along with personal KPIs.

Employee Termination Assistance

Negotiating while Modeling Healthy Boundaries for exiting Employees

Gracefully handle employee termination. Greater Change will help you with conflict resolution, dismissal letters, making the difficult conversation easier with an exiting employee.

Take a free survey to understand the gaps in your termination process and how your can make it fair and risk free.

What will you get?

✓ Termination policy document.
✓ Performance Improvement Plan document.
✓ Termination Labour law advice and End of Service calculation assistance.
✓ Customised set of warning letters.
✓ Customised termination letter
✓ Exit interview form.

Competency Mapping

Understand Your Skill Sets and Skill Gaps to Make Informed Job-Role Decisions
Have a good understanding of your employee strengths and skill gaps, We will create a competency framework that can be used for recruitment, KPI building , aligning Job roles, creating Learning and Development interventions and executing succession strategy.
Take a free survey to understand the gaps in your Job roles and competencies alignment.
What will you get?

✓ Critical business processes definition using SIPOC analysis.
✓ Accountability and Responsibility matrix clarifying critical roles.
✓ A functional organization structure.
✓ A prioritization matrix to differentiate critical from low priority tasks.
✓ A final job-specific competency framework

Learning & Development Strategy

Align Employee Goals and Performance with that of Your Organization’s

Attract, gain and retain top talent. An effective learning and development strategy and program will improve your organization’s productivity and make it increasingly profitable.

Take a free survey to know our Training Needs Analysis.

What will you get?

✓ A customised and comprehensive Training Needs Analysis.
✓ A recommended annual training plan.
✓ Performance Improvement Plan document.
✓ High Potential Identification and development policy document.
✓ Leadership Development Module

Grievance & Disciplinary Pack

Fairness To All while Avoiding Unnecessary Escalation and Negative Feelings at Work
Develop specific guidelines for your organization on handling employee grievance and disciplinary action. We can also help mediate to find resolution between employee and employer. Take a free survey to understand how you manage grievances and how well your disciplinary codes are understood by staff.
What will you get?

✓ A customised and labor law-compliant grievance and disciplinary policy.
✓ A grievance framework.
✓ Whistleblowing policy.
✓ Grievance and Disciplinary Training for Managers.

KPIs & Performance Management

Measure Performance and Align your Strategy with the Best Individual Abilities
What gets measured gets done. We will help align and cascade your metrics and targets from your top-level strategic objectives down to the daily activities of your frontline employees. Take a free survey to understand how clear are your business objectives and how well have you communicated to your teams to drive business.
What will you get?

✓ Defining business objectives and KPIs.
✓ On-demand Triple Bottom Line goals. (Environmental, Social, Governance)
✓ Defining personal KPIs for executives and Department heads.
✓ Establishing alignment
✓ Creating measurement framework as customised to your organisation.

Frequently asked questions

HR Solutions FAQ

How can Greater Change help in establishing law compliant HR System without the need of having an HR Manager?

Greater Change offers customized Human Resources toolkits and guides for instant implementation of HR practices at the individual, team, and organizational level. Well defined and fair work practices are the top drivers of efficiency and productivity.

I am not a HR practitioner, are these tools sufficient for me to implement these key HR practices?

Yes, absolutely. These tools are designed with non HR experts in mind, they are written in simple and easy to understand format so that anyone can benefit from them. If you need additional advice, please contact our experts at

Can Greater Change help us draft a law compliant Employment Contract?

Yes, our experts will audit your existing Employment Contract or create a new one in compliance with Law.

Can The Greater Change help me in terminating an employee?

Yes, The Greater Change can support and navigate all delicate termination situations for your business and coach you throughout the entire process. We’ll also make sure you have all the necessary documents aligned with UAE Laws and international best practices. A complete ‘performance based termination’ toolkit can also be used to train your managers to

Can The Greater Change help me in fixing existing HR Policies and Processes in compliance with law?

Yes, our HR experts can help you create Law compliant policies, procedures, and documents customized for your company - Onboarding packages, Policies, Forms, Performance Management, and much more.

Can I freely distribute these tools? What are the copywrite requirements.

Once we create a set of customized toolkit for your organisation you are free to use them for your personal reference or for distributing to other managers within your organisation. You are not allowed to use these tools for commercial purposes.

I still have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Please contact us at or Let's Talk

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