We’re Greater Change

The Great Sparrow Campaign

A series of simple actions can bring significant results over time.

We are inspired by the 1958 Great Sparrow Campaign in China, initiated by Mao Zedong, the founding father of the People’s Republic of China.

Zedong’s ill-conceived decision to eradicate sparrows to stop them from eating grain seeds, caused an unintended domino effect of environmental damage. He broke the ecological balance and nature had to step in to restore it.

We find that in business, as in nature, seemingly small changes can compound to have a big impact. Therefore, we treat your business as an eco-system: every area is a link that forms a chain, built to work in perfect harmony.

To improve results, we work with you to create frameworks that flow smoothly, operate seamlessly and complement each other. And by implementing targeted tweaks, we transform how your company works.

Just like the sparrow’s importance to nature, we believe that our work can play an essential part in making your business thrive.

Small Changes, Greater Impact!

Our Values


We behave ethically, act honestly and contribute to the greater good.


We go out of our way to find the best solutions to bring the desired results.


We are at our best when we co-create and deliver on our promise.


We believe that the key to achieving long-term success is by maintaining balance.

Our Mission

We specialize in creating and implementing stakeholder focused strategies for long term profitability and sustainable business growth.

We are committed to extending 5% of our overall profit in probono services for tackling today’s pressing challenges like intolerance, health risks, climate change and social justice.

Our Purpose

We are committed to build a sustainable business that brings tolerance, balance and abundance for all.

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