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Free Surveys

Create an inner culture based on honest feedback and boost productivity.

HR Audit

Do you want to Identify gaps in your HR practices and prioritize Your actions.

Self Assessment

Do you want to find out what enables you to give your best and what are the areas to improve?

Manager 360 Feedback

Do you want to provide upward feedback to your manager and strengthen accountability and
collaboration among teams.

Employee NPS

Do you want to measure employee engagement and loyalty towards your business?

Employee Engagement

Do you want to get insights into what employees are thinking and work proactively on solving business critical issues?

Employee Onboarding

First Impressions last: Do you want to create a positive experience for your new starts and set them
on the path to success?

Exit Interview

Do you want to have the best chance of getting honest feedback? Ask the outgoing employee.

Employee Wellbeing

Do you want to build resilience, financial efficiency and a strong employer brand? Check
out the well-being of your company.

Organizational Excellence

Do you want to understand areas of improving your overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities?

Frequently asked questions

Surveys FAQ

Why should we conduct Employee surveys?

The purpose of employee survey is to gather insights into organisation's collective engagement and learn more about how to improve the

Available surveys do not fit our needs, can The Greater Change create a fully customised survey for our organisation?

Yes, Greater Change can assess what kind of survey fits best for your needs and will be able to provide you a fully customised set of questions.

Why is it important to outsource the employee surveys?

Conducting an employee survey means you’re interested in communicating with your staff, you care for them and want to know what they think, leading to a happier and more engaged workforce who are willing to go the extra mile. An outsourced employee survey gives employees security that their responses will remain anonymous and therefore it encourages honest feedback and better participation.

We would like to keep our staff survey anonymous, is it possible?

Yes, the benefit of outsourcing staff surveys is that your employees can be honest in their responses and you can get the most reliable feedback.

How can an organisation benefit from employee surveys?

Regardless of the issues your organisation faces, asking the right questions will help uncover and solve critical problems. First hand employee
feedback is the most reliable source of information about what your employees think about your organisation. This knowledge can be used to
prioritise initiatives by focusing time, money and energy towards the most relevant staff issues resulting in better performance and productivity.

Who will receive a survey report?

Survey report will be shared with senior management team or as agreed at the beginning of the assignment.

Will the Greater Change carry out the survey process from start to finish?

Yes, our HR experts will create the survey with the most relevant questions for your organisation at the time of the survey. We will send survey links to all the staff members, carry out the required follow-up, compile feedback reports and share the results.

Will the Greater Change suggest interventions based on survey results?

Yes, our HR experts can help you create compliant and specific policies, procedures, and documents customized for your company – This can include Onboarding Packages, Performance Management, and much more. 

I still have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Please contact us at or Let's Talk.

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